As you know, the big day is coming ! Airplane tickets are bought already and we depart on … October 3rd ! Meanwhile, we start receiving our material and make some tests and adjustments. Before Jérémie gets everything, here is a few first pictures to keep you on hold 🙂

Bike: TX400 VSF Fahrradmanufaktur
Saddle: Brooks (Standard)
Bags: Brooks and Ortlieb
Tent: NatureHike
Mattress: Thermarest Trail Pro
Sleeping bag: Ayacucho Ignition 1200
Sheet: Thermolite Reactor

See you soon for new pictures !!!


Hi everyone ! We wanted to inform you we did well in the competition you were so numerous voting for! We ended at the 9th rank out of 61 and truly thank you for your great support since the beginning. Thanks to you guys we have been awarded a nice TwoNav GPS and a full year subscription to Carnets d’Aventures magazine !! 🙂


You got it right! We are just about to start our hunt to find some sponsorships! That explains a lot our participation in the 2017 cycling adventure organized by Cyclable. This  competition will award 20 out of 61 projects. Criteria are as follow : public vote, jury vote, evaluation of communication supports.

You have till May 17, 5PM to give us your support. So if you’re in, here is how to do (it is very quick and simple) :

1/ Go to our project’s page

2/ Subscribe (below the picture, click on « s’inscrire »)

3/ Give your name, first name and email, get the password that had been emailed to you (better open a second page so you don’t close the first one) and connect

4/ Click on the « heart » right below the picture and leave us a comment if you want to

5/ Thanks for sharing with your siblings, parents, grandparents, neighbors, colleagues, … even your grandma’s cat if he has email address (who knows!)



atelier volantWe are so glad and excited to introduce our first sponsorship:  the Atelier Volant, a creative studio in Paris !! Thumbs up to Violette, who has been supporting our project from the very beginning and who keeps spreading lot of enthusiasm talking about it.  She designed this very special website that will be the link between you and us during several months. Now we take the lead and will make you dream – that for sure – but make you dream BIG. Meanwhile, if you want to get your mind into some genius creativity, have a look at l’Atelier Volant’s Facebook Page @ateliervolant and website we promise you will see life with more color and crazyness … which is all life is about !


The countdown already started, we have only 5 months left and then we will start this adventure of a lifetime ! It was about time to start exercise …

Jeremie just came back from Reunion. There he was not biking much but did walk a lot. Now that he is back in Lyon, he will be able to ride again.

Meanwhile, Diane continues to pedal through the Champagne region. Every weekend is a pretext to ride and vary the exercises. Here below are some pictures of the first trainings:


50 km on flat road along the canal (Marne)


40 km in the vineyards: reaching 38km/h getting down the hill, it’s exhilarating; stagnating around 15 km/h when getting up slopes is less, being stucked at 5km/h on the thoughest heights (ooooops)


Early trainings … and later ones …


Eventually, she’s been pedaling all around the lac du Der lately. Her personnal trainer (and father, here on the picture) is never far, always keeping an eye on her daughter and giving wise advice.

Alright, like you see we are taking this seriously but never without a smile or a huge dose of positivism. For us, the adventure already started, and we are so grateful to have you all in this. Your support means a lot and make it even more possible.

See ya around!



Diane: Graduated in Marketing and Communications as well as Tourism, I worked in event planning, brand management and destination management, mostly abroad. These past four years I needed to move constantly. I think that life is all about daring and sharing. Always eager to explore the world, meet people, and challenge myself, I set my new goal a few months ago: crossing South America by bike from North to South… I am sure this experience will be one of a lifetime, changing me forever.

Jeremie: Working in accountancy but travels passionate, I decided to give a try to something huge, new and exciting. The Pacific and Indian Islands don’t have any more secrets to me (ok maybe a few) and I also wandered around Eastern Europe backpacking. This time, my bike will be my loyal companion to tackle South America’s volcanoes, mountains and deserts. Looking forward to out-of-the extraordinary encounters, I also look forward to get surprised by nice cultural discoveries and memorable dishes.

qui-sommes-nous-rond-diane    qui-sommes-nous-rond-jeremie




Grey vector pen hand drawn South America map on paper illustration

We will start this adventure in the heights of Quito (Ecuador), land of many volcanoes. Then we will continue towards the marvelous Peru: iced Pastoruri, laguna 69, Maras’ salt manufacturing, Moray’s terraces, Colca’s canyon, Machu Picchu, etc. Bolivia will be our third place to crash. Toro Toro National Parc, Sucre, and the famous South Lipez and Uyuni desert: we can’t wait for this! Eventually will come Chile with the no less stunning San Pedro de Atacama, Torres del Paine, Chiloe or Valparaiso. But still we will have a huge way before reaching Ushuaia. Argentina will make us suffer with its quebradas, not to mention the rest. But as we say: “no pain no gain”. Mendoza, Bariloche, The Fitz Roy or Perito Moreno are just worth the effort!

Our itinerary is very diverse. We will go through fresh and humid or hot and dry regions, often dealing with heavy winds. Roads won’t be always easy to ride on and heights will make it harder too.

As per housing we will use warmshowers, casas de ciclistas, couchsurfing and camping. Departure is in October. Are you ready? We need your support! The more we are the better !


Next October, we will fly to Quito and start an incredible experience, the one of crossing five countries to join Ushuaia. Yet, more than the sportive challenge, cultural discoveries and atypical encounters, we also wanted to associate our project to a great cause.

Member of ChildFund Alliance, Educo is a non-for-profit organization who has been acting for 25 years in favor of local development and infant cause, fighting for kids’ rights and the one of having a good education.  Our objective during our trip will be to raise awareness around this important matter and raise money to help the charity organization’s projects. For more details:

In the meantime, we would like to share our adventure with some French schools. This project will be built altogether with the teachers and will be carried out under regular contacts with us and multiple work groups.

                               notreprojet-educo-logo2        notreprojet-picto-ecoliers